Characters in Tooth and Claw

Ellis O'Neill

Ellis is the owner and manager of the O'Neill Gallery, a small art gallery in Mayfair which focuses on new, contemporary artists. His Retinitis Pigmentosa means that he is legally blind, so he relies on his guide dog for most transport matters.

Powers: Psychometry, Universal Language, Mind Control, Silver Immunity.

Randall Carter

Randall runs his own business as a dog trainer. Having been a part of one werewolf pack for thirteen years, he has finally found the strength to leave his abusive alpha and join another pack, where he can learn more about werewolf history and ability from people with an unbroken oral tradition.

Jay Newfield

Jay is a wizard at administration, but also actually a wizard. Bereft of tutors, his gift goes unrecognised for far too long, until the only teacher available in the country is one who might just kill him.

Magical Style: Unknown.

Han Xie

CEO of Jade Enterprises, a software company specialising in phone apps and games, Han has been a friend of Ellis' ever since Ellis moved to London. Han's congenital heart defect eventually forces some hard choices, and now he's the youngest vampire in town, too.

Powers: Unknown.

Barb Applegate

Barb is a chocolatier in Soho and a child of the Eighties. She's also strongly suspected of being the only female vampire in London, since it's all been an old boy's club since the Second World War. She's been working to overthrow the Council for years.

Power: Wall-walking.

Aaron Hughes

Aaron is a Constable, upholding the laws of a Council he despises. This small amount of status gives him freedom of movement across the city, though, so he hangs on to it for as long as he can.

Power: Superhuman Speed.

Ameera Hasan

Ameera is the second in command of Randall's new pack after her brother - the pack's former alpha - was killed by Briar. She's smart and compassionate, and supports Randall every way she can.


Alpha of Randall's previous pack, Briar is a reckless bully who is growing increasingly violent since the death of his wife. He won't hesitate to kill Randall if they cross paths again.

Frederick Mortimer d'Arcy

Frederick is a Viscount who is training to become a barrister. He's more than happy to help Jay learn magic, but is also keen to make it clear that he has his own agenda.

Gifts: Telepathy, Minor Telekinesis.

Michael Brennan

Frederick's partner, Michael is something of an enigma. At times he seems like a lover, and at others little more than a butler or chauffeur. Now and then his American accent bleeds through.