Characters in Inheritance

Bambi Laurence Riley

Laurence works at his mother's flower shop, The Jack in the Green, in San Diego. A recovering heroin addict, Laurence is frequently plagued by withdrawal, especially when under stress. Both he and his mother are practicing Pagans.

Gifts: Oracle, Plant Control, Heightened Senses, Rapid Healing, Stealth, Magic.

Magical Style: Witchcraft.

Quentin Ichabod d'Arcy

Quentin is the Fifth Earl of Banbury, and on the run from a heritage he has no intention of returning to. Veering wildly between iron will and utter terror, Quentin's dark past snaps at his heels and threatens to break him at any moment.

Gifts: Psychokinesis, Minor Telepathy, Rapid Healing, Magic.

Magical Style: None.

Myriam Riley

Myriam founded The Jack in the Green while her son Laurence was still in high school, hoping that an end to the nomadic lifestyle she shared with her husband Eric would give Laurence some stability in his life. Since Eric's death, Myriam became increasingly involved in the San Diego Pagan community.

Gifts: Oracle, Plant Control.

Frederick Mortimer d'Arcy

Frederick lives in London, England, and is training to become a barrister, since it seems his layabout brother Quentin isn't going to take care of anything. Determined to uncover the truth behind his mother's death, he isn't about to let anything get in his way.

Gifts: Telepathy, Minor Telekinesis.

Hieronymus Udell d'Arcy

The Duke of Oxford rules his household with an iron fist, and fully intends to bring his wayward sons back in line sooner or later. To what end, however, remains a mystery.

Gifts: Psychokinesis, Rapid Healing, Magic.

Magical Style: Warlock.

Mikey Brennan

Mikey is a small-time drug dealer who mostly sells heroin. Orphaned by his mom's suicide when he was a teen, Mikey's well used to fending for himself, as well as being let down by others.


Rufus Grant

Rufus is a solitary witch, almost entirely a hermit after the murder of his parents. His only contact with the outside world is through Amy, the woman who raised him as her own.

Magical Style: Witchcraft.


A gift from Herne to Laurence, Windsor is a spirit from Otherworld made flesh by the transition into the mortal realm. He has the intelligence of a ten year old, but also the impulse control of one. Still, his bond with Laurence means he can communicate clearly even before he mimics human speech.

Ethan Savage

A former bartender and long-term friend of Laurence, Ethan now works at The Jack in the Green with his boyfriend Aiden. Knowing of Laurence and Quentin's gifts, he's keenly aware of the need for secrecy. He has an easygoing nature and a tendency to fall in love at the drop of a hat.

Aiden Meadows

Aiden is the latest addition to the Jack in the Green family, suckered in by his relationship with Ethan. He has little patience for bigotry toward either his sexuality or deafness, and as such hasn't held down a job for longer than three months until now.

Mia Torres

Mia is a former MMA Champion and professional bodyguard who was co-opted against her will to become Kane Wilson's full-time protector. Mia's brusque, no-nonsense approach to life means she keeps a level head, and is skilled at quickly assessing new situations.

Gift: Electrokinesis.

Sebastian Wagner

Honorably discharged from the US Army, Sebastian has settled in San Diego with his wife and children to work as a bodyguard, but was taken from his family by Kane Wilson to protect him 24/7. Now given his freedom, Sebastian gladly undertakes any work Laurence or Quentin ask of him.

Gift: Pyrokinesis.

Amy Jenkins

Amy was a good friend of Rufus' parents, and part of the same coven, so when they died it was natural to her to take on their only child. She raised Rufus as best as she could while fending off the gold-diggers, but now that he's an adult she's stepped back.

Magical Style: Witchcraft.

Rodger Lawson

Only a couple of years younger than Laurence, Rodger seems firmly stuck in the teen mindset, especially when Myriam isn't at The Jack in the Green to keep him on his toes. Still, he can be a quick-thinker when he needs to be.

Neil Storm

The man, the legend, Neil Fucking Storm! International rock star, notorious ladies' man, willing to sign any and all body parts presented to him, Neil is determined to get Quentin into a recording studio sooner or later.

Maria Velasquez

Maria works part-time at The Jack in the Green and is unaware of the gifts and powers of those around her on a daily basis. She works as a delivery driver, and is a single mother to four boisterous young children, one of whom idolises Neil Storm.

Soraya Brown

Despite only being 17 years old, Soraya is the most mature of the teenagers Kane Wilson took under his wing, and is deeply protective of the other children, particularly Kim.

Gift: Clairvoyance.

Kimberly Buckley

Kim is a shy girl who prefers to go unnoticed in her daily life and bury herself in books. A voracious reader, Kim could list every President of the United States, but not tell you how she really feels about Soraya.

Gift: Stealth.

Lisa Turner

Rescued by Quentin from her abusive father, Lisa lives at the mansion when she feels comfortable doing so, and out on Myriam's farm when she needs some space.

Gift: Animal Possession.

Estelita De Cardenas

Estelita is a prankster with the ability to see and hear what you're up to long before you arrive, and she derives great fun from leaping out at you when you least expect her to.

Gift: Heightened Senses.

Felipe Navarra

Felipe is older than most of the kids at the mansion, and is the most laid-back. While he's managed to find a part-time job, mostly he just likes to swim in the pool and mind his own business.

Gift: Aura Sight.

Clifton Pierce

Clifton dreams of becoming a zookeeper one day, but so do hundreds of other kids, and Clifton isn't the competitive kind. If he has to settle for training people's pets he'll be happy enough, he reckons.

Gift: Animal Control.

Herne the Hunter

Herne is one of the Old Gods, and an aspect of Cernunnos. As a leader of a Wyld Hunt, Herne is cyclical in nature, rising in power throughout the Summer and then waning in Winter. Few of his human descendants have the power to contact him any more.

Morgan Le Fay

Child of the Morrígan, Morgan protects the Isle of Apples as her brother Arthur sleeps beneath it. Priestess of the Old Ways, Morgan's reputation is as a mercurial and unpredictable force, and she mercilessly defends those who seek refuge on the Isle.

Gifts: Shapeshifting, Magic, and unknown others.

Magical Style: Witchcraft.